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RubyWorld Conference 2013 Date and Keynote Announcement

RubyWorld Conference Executive Committee has set the date for this year’s biggest business conference in Japan RWC 2013 seen below.

November 21st (Thu) and 22nd (Fri), 2013
Matsue, Shimane, Japan
Shimane Prefectural Convention Center "Kunibiki Messe"
International Conference Hall (3F)
Also "Tom Preston-Werner" has been chosen as one of this year's KeyNote speakers. He is a cofounder and CTO of GitHub Inc.
KeyNote Address
Tom Preston-Werner
Cofounder and CTO of GitHub Inc.

Tom Preston-Werner is a cofounder and chief technology officer of GitHub, a web site that makes it easy for users to collaborate on software projects and share code. This site has attracted a community of more than one million developers and strives to lower the barriers of collaboration by building powerful features into its products, making it easier for users to contribute and write better code, faster.

Preston-Werner also invented the Gravatar, a globally recognized image that follows its user around the internet to help identify posting on blogs, web forums, or other internet activities. He sold Gravatar in 2007.

He lives and works in San Francisco. The weather there is strange, but he loves it, and the mountain biking is unbelievably good.

GitHub provides common web services for projects developing software. GitHub is not only utilized by many projects connected with Ruby but also by many IT businesses. GitHub’s web services were in and of themselves developed with Ruby.

Tom Preston-Werner has been invited as an indispensable figure for the RWC 2013 theme “Ruby’s Eco System”.

We will continue to stay up-to-date, posting announcements of more information on Keynote Addresses, beginning of attendee registration, speaker invites and more. Keep looking forward to RubyWorld Conference 2013.